Nathan Drouillard

Hometown: Windsor, ON

Current Residence: Windsor, ON

Bikes: Garneau R1 (training/racing), Peugeot Chrono (training), Peugeot Success (training/commuting)

Occupation: University Student / Part-time lifeguard and swim instructor


  • Varsity Cross-Country athlete at the University of Windsor
  • 2nd overall in Junior Male category at Guelph Lake 1 and Toronto Triathlon Festival sprint races (2018).
  • 20th overall at the 2017 Athletics Ontario Cross-Country Championships (Junior Men)
  • Has competed at multiple provincial and national championships in Cross-Country and Track and Field

Why I ride: Because I love it! I think that riding your bike gives you a unique perspective of the world around you, and is a great way to explore and get away from the stresses in life. I also just love the feeling of going fast on your bike. Sprinting all out down a long flat road, or bombing down descents, and leaning in to corners- it's tough to compare to those sensations, and I really cherish those experiences.

Goals for 2019: I have some big goals with regards to this upcoming season. Some of these are to crack an hour over the sprint distance, to run a sub-16:30 5k, and to be in the front pack at the provincial championships.