Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can you tell me more about your wheels? Where are they made? Our wheels are designed in Canada and assembled in our facilities overseas. Our manufacturers carry years of experience working with carbon fibre through their work with various name brand wheel producers. We produce the carbon rims ourselves, and we outsource the hub and spokes to specialized firms. The specific fibre that we use is the T700 made by Toray Industries — the world’s leading carbon fibre producer based in Japan. The hubs and spokes we use are made in Taiwan using premium materials.
  • What is the warranty on your products? Every set of Echelon Wheels carries a warranty against material defects and workmanship errors for one year after they are delivered to their original owner.
  • What is the difference between the 3K, 12K and UD pattern? Do the patterns affect stiffness? In terms of ride quality, there’s no difference between the weave type. The difference is only aesthetic. Underneath the top layer, we use the same unidirectional fibre (UD) in order to achieve the highest stiffness possible.
  • Can I order a 50mm front and an 88mm rear or any other combination? 
Yes, absolutely! We offer 5.8 and 6.8 combinations for triathletes or time trialists that want to take advantage of a deeper back wheel without compromising the stability of the overall setup. We only offer these combinations in selective weave patterns — so please email us for any special orders that aren’t currently listed on our website.
  • Tubeless ready seems like a good option. Is it compatible with normal clinchers and tubes? Definitely. You’ll be able to run normal clincher tire and tubes with our tubeless ready wheels. The only difference is the recommended max pressure is slightly lower at 110 psi.
  • Do you offer your wheels with single-speed/track hubs? 
We do! We offer single speed hubs for all our rim depths. Please email us to arrange an order.
  • Do you have disc brake options for your wheelsets? Absolutely — all of our road rims can be made with disc brakes. Our default disc brake option is thru axle centre lock hubs with the following diameters: 12*100 Front, 12*142 Rear.
  • Do you plan on producing CX or mountain bike wheels? 
We’ll be rolling out CX and mountain bike wheels this upcoming season. Stay tuned!